Micro-Vials, Micro-Inserts, Inerted (silanized) glass products

Microvials for an optimized microsampling

Microliter-Vials (High recovery Vial)

With shape in a solid glass bottom (Crimp Neck ND11 and Short Thread ND9)

Total-Microliter-Vials (Total or maximum recovery Vial)

CG-BondTM Microliter-Vials (BaseBond)

Microvials with fused 0,3ml Micro-Inserts (Crimp Neck ND11, Snap Ring ND11, Short Thread ND9)



for Vials with small opening


for Vials with wide opening

Glass Inserts

for 96 Position Block Systems

Plastic vials

Short Thread ND9

Snap Ring ND11

Inerted (silanized) glass products

Some compounds, like amines, proteins or phenols, tend to react with glass, even if high quality class 1st hydrol. Class is used. Silanized glass products clearly reduce the adsorption of polar compounds and protect against possible interaction between sample and glass.

  • Ideal for highly sensitive HPLC applications
  • Deactivated glass surface, avoidance of reactions between polar parts and glass
  • Ideal for amino compounds, proteins or phenols
  • First hydrolytic class glass

Any standard glass product can be supplied silanized on request. To do this, add an “S” for silanized to the standard article number.