11mm total phthalate-free closure system (PDF)

11mm total phthalate-free closure system with a mounted aluminum septum for GC / MS and LC / MS
CHROMA GLOBE offers a unique locking system for GC / MS and LC / MS with a total phthalate free cap.

High recovery micro sampling vials (PDF)

A new generation of optimized residual emptying.
High recovery micro sampling vials have a precisely shaped inner cone, which enables maximum sample yield, regardless of the syringe type used and without a micro insert.

Micro sampling vials with bottom fused integrated insert (PDF)

Our “CG-Bond” micro autosampler vials are state-of-the-art sampling vials with a stable bottom shape that can be placed safely in the autosampler as well as on the laboratory bench without the use of adapters.

9mm magnetic short thread screw cap (PDF)

Autosamplers that use a magnet to transport vials require a magnetic cap. These primarily include the CTC GC PAL and similarly designed devices from Gerstel, Agilent, Shimadzu, or the TriPlus autosampler from Thermo Scientific.

Micro sampling vials (PDF)

Micro liter vials are special autosampler vials with a classic design of 32×11.6mm, which were primarily designed for the highest improved residual emptying in the vial. These types of vials are used when either extremely reduced sample volumes are available or when the vial is emptied as completely as possible due to expensive sample filling is necessary.